Trees! An Illustrated Field Guide

Trees! is written by one of the Midwest's foremost authorities on trees. Covering trees from Saskatchewan to Nebraska, from Montana to Iowa, this is author John Ball's guide to the Northern Plains fruit, nut, ornamental, shade and windbreak trees based on more than 30 years of his personal observations in North America, Europe and Asia.

This book provides more than 100 original illustrations of leaves, keys to identify species by their foliage and twig characteristics, and the major insects, diseases and disorders for each genus and species. He discusses environmental requirements such as climate, and soils including pH tolerance. You’ll receive helpful information for fruit and nut trees – their pollination, harvest and storage requirements. And for all trees, the height, spread, form, autumn foliage color, flowering and fruiting characteristics for the species and cultivars along with specific information on rootstock, a feature missing from most other guides.

The book covers 80 genera, almost 300 species and more than 450 cultivars to answer the question on every tree lover’s mind: “Will it grow here?”


By John Ball, BCMA 
Professor of Forestry, Extension Forestry Specialist
Agronomy, Horticulture and Plant Science Department, South Dakota State University